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The game I play :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 3 5
Please Pass the Broccoli
Please Pass the Broccoli
According to the U.S department of health, one third of all cancer deaths are related to poor eating habits. Including a lack of vegetables in ones diet! So why is it that all of the guys I know refuse to eat them? Is it pride? Stubbornness? Or are men just plain weird? The names in the following stories have been changed to protect their identities, but the stories are all true.
Allow me to begin with Charles. I met Charles when I was in middle school. We sat next to each other in our art classes, and shared similar interests in video games. I have known the guy ever since. Now, what you have to understand about Charles is that he can't tell the truth. He always has to have something better, or has to have gone through something worse. Did you get an 80 gig ps3? Well he got 160 gig. Did you break your arm? Well he broke both his arms. Did you get into a car accident? Well his car got picked up by a tornado, and was set between two houses! I once invited Charle
:icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 3 0
Yuna The Blood Prince by 1Hivemind Yuna The Blood Prince :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 4 9 Folklore by 1Hivemind Folklore :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 7 10
The Leviathan
      I am alone, cold, and hungry beyond imagination, my only retreat, death. I
however, see it not as a retreat, but as punishment. My foolish story begins with a tale that was told to me, of a beast called the Leviathan. This story was said to be only myth, well I tell you, friend, it is anything but. My journey was based on this great mythical beast, the goal, to find it and let its story bring me untold riches. I am much the wiser now even though my life is already forfeit. I set out with a band of sailors, each eager to share in the wealth I spoke of. We started with much fortune, clear skies with the stars leading us to oblivion. Of course, we knew not of oblivion yet. It all started when our hopes of success dimmed, when our guard was down. It came fast; the eye of it swallowing our ship. The waves about us quivering like many arms. Wind snapped at our beaten cheeks with the fury of the Leviathan. Then, a great churning pool of water, and a massive
:icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 2 11
Isara by 1Hivemind Isara :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 2 4
Mature content
Last stand :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 2 11
Okami by 1Hivemind Okami :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 9 11 Twin devils Lechku and Nechku by 1Hivemind Twin devils Lechku and Nechku :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 7 10
The shadow draws near
     Mans greatest gift shadows extinction. It has been foretold that humanities fate is decided not by the fires of war, but by the spark of curiosity. This same phrase repeats itself over and over like a broken record. Why am I the only one who can see? Why do the voices only speak to me? I once asked a man why, I asked “Can you hear them? Can you here the voices.” He looked at me as if I was mad. It was easy to tell what he was thinking. “The ones that make the corpses dance, the ones who’s eyes are crimson glass. I can hear them…Can you?” Very few accept their fates before the infection, very few change without a fight. Is it pride? Is it fear? Either way they are like stubborn larvae refusing our gifts. If only they knew that all their resistance, all their struggling was for naught. Mans greatest gift shadows extinction, and that shadow draws near.  
:icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 1 1
Liege of the pit by 1Hivemind Liege of the pit :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 5 26 Liege stage 1 by 1Hivemind Liege stage 1 :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 0 3 Dead space Lurker by 1Hivemind Dead space Lurker :icon1hivemind:1Hivemind 5 9


Art fix by prosaix Art fix :iconprosaix:prosaix 1,000 113 streamlet by Zarinah streamlet :iconzarinah:Zarinah 4 3 :breakcopyright: by Jibodeah :breakcopyright: :iconjibodeah:Jibodeah 1,543 316 Mossfire by Magenta-Fantasies Mossfire :iconmagenta-fantasies:Magenta-Fantasies 15 16 Sniper by SplodgeOfDoom Sniper :iconsplodgeofdoom:SplodgeOfDoom 1,571 204 Merry Christmas DA by cmstpp Merry Christmas DA :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 57 54 Yuki Nagato by cmstpp Yuki Nagato :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 48 66 Flaming hair, Blazing eyes. by cmstpp Flaming hair, Blazing eyes. :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 156 163 Aya Toujou by cmstpp Aya Toujou :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 58 80 Sweet little Fuko Ibuki by cmstpp Sweet little Fuko Ibuki :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 139 117 Kotomi Angel by cmstpp Kotomi Angel :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 132 111 OC Yuki Hasegawa by cmstpp OC Yuki Hasegawa :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 45 67 How I color, Tutorial by cmstpp How I color, Tutorial :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 117 60 Mother and Daughter. by cmstpp Mother and Daughter. :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 223 153 OC Yuki's Yukata by cmstpp OC Yuki's Yukata :iconcmstpp:cmstpp 109 128




Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: Duluth
Favourite genre of music: Piano
Favourite style of art: Horror
Operating System: Quantum processor
Shell of choice: exoskeleton
Wallpaper of choice: Code geass
Skin of choice: epithelial tissue...
Favourite cartoon character: C.C
Personal Quote: The fate of mankind is decided not by the fires of war, but by the spark of curiosity.
After a couple of years of devising an outline for my novel I have decided to take a break. I have so many different ideas I feel I need to clean house before I continue my novel. I havn't really ever done this on DA, but I am going to upload two new story ideas. I figured, since my profile says I am a fantasy writer I better get with the program. My finals in college have ended and I now have a three week vacation. Since I now have a lot of time I will be writing quite a bit. Each part of the story will be written in chapters or "arcs" until finished.
My first story I am calling "The game I play". This idea actually came to me while playing Persona 4 and watching Higurashi, AKA "When they cry". It revolves around John Kennedy (No, not the president.) who is tricked into betting his life in a game devised by a demon. After being taken to the village known as Salem, he must survive for one week with the residents. With each passing day the village becomes more dangerous, and the people more twisted.
"Have you ever looked back and wondered whether your life was worth living? There wasn't a single day were I didn't ask that question. For years I dragged myself out of bed wondering what my life actually meant. It took a chance meeting with a demon to teach me what to live for. Rolling the dice with my life for the amusement of devils child; that is the game I played."
My second story which I have yet to refine will be called "Fates wish". It will be about a little girl (No name yet.) who was orphaned when both her parents died in a robbery. She is shunned by other children and hated by adults for her unusual habits. The only thing she loves is a doll that she found by the road side. One day she is visited by the youngest sister of fate who inhabits her doll. The doll grants her an old pair of scissors that can change fate. She embarks on a quest to stop her parents death, but learns that changing fate has a price worse than death.
I will be steadily working on each story and post the chapters as I finish them.
I wish you all Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.
  • Listening to: Silver will
  • Reading: Cemetery Dance
  • Watching: When they cry
  • Playing: Persona 4
  • Eating: Polar bear, anyone?
  • Drinking: Dihydrogen monoxide


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